Pride of Place

A poem by David C. Bryant

Though we judge not, that we unjudged might be,
Examples numerous of Pride abound;
If truth be told then we today must see,
That Arrogance most rank in us is found.
Our leaders point us on an "upward" trail —
Exhorting to push on, they say, "You can
Surpass your limits! Science shall prevail!
Take pride in yourself, and the world of man!"
Thus, self-exalted, we stand tall today
And tremble not, though Evil is our way.
In ruthless law we place our confidence
And deprecate the thought of reverence.


Great structures ever taller now we raise,
Railroads and highways grandiose in plan;
We claim all things that fall within our gaze —
The world — yea all of it — belongs to man.
Now sails not Sun across the Sky above
For Earth is spinning. This we know to be.
The universe is but a treasure-trove
That we may loot at leisure, don't you see?
Although pollutants foul the sea and sky
We fear not, for we have discovered why.
Exhausts controlled and chimneys scrubbing clean
We shall restore the Beautiful, pristine!


Life's but an accident, and Chance has formed
Our bodies and our brains — not Mystery.
Selection chooses children yet unborn;
Survival of the Fittest is the key!
Inimitable Chance! You rule us now.
Conditioning is all we know, or fear:
Cause and Effect our gods, we have learned how
Our eyes can see, or ever our ears hear.
Mammalian creatures we, our heads held high,
This is not Life we live, nor Death we die.
Mechanical our world; profane our birth
For randomness from matter wrought the Earth.


Authority is right, beyond all doubt.
Physics and Chemistry the Truth unveil.
Investigation bears our findings out.
The Scientific Method cannot fail!
The friendless have no friend, for God is dead,
And Man carves out his destiny alone.
There is no Mind: grey matter fills each head.
Your body is but muscle tied to bone.
Yet sometimes, when I've slain that old fool, Pride,
A voice within has said, "God has not died!"
Then worshipful, my soul has flown above,
Safe there to rest, deep in the Heart of Love.