The Change Number of Columns Function

The Change Number of Columns Function

When you open the View menu, the following screen appears.

A screenshot of KAddressBook's “View” menu.
KAddressBook's View menu after choosing the View menu on the main Menubar.


Not happy with the hum-drum three column layout appearing above? Jazz things up a little with this minimalist approach.

A screenshot of KAddressBook's single panel layout.
KAddressBook's "Simple (one column)" layout. Only the basic contact data are visible.


Notice that the information about which address books exist and are in use is not visible when this "Simple" layout is in effect. Only the contacts from the address books that were selected before choosing this view are displayed.

If the Simple layout does not appeal to you, you may want to try the Two columns style.

A screenshot of KAddressBook's double panel layout.
KAddressBook's "Two columns" layout. The list of address books is stacked on top of the alphabetized contact list.


At KDE, our motto is "Be Free!" We aim to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to tailoring and configuring our software to suit your tastes. We toyed with the idea of adding even more views to KAddressBook (Four columns! Five!), but eventually concluded that enough is enough.


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