The Configure Shortcuts Option

The Configure Shortcuts Option

When you first select the Settings Configure Shortcuts... option, this is what you will see.

A screenshot of KAddressBook's “Configure Shortcuts” dialog.
KAddressBook's "Configure Shortcuts" dialog. Use the "Search" field, or the vertical scrollbar, to locate the action for which a new keyboard shortcut is to be defined.


The KAddressBook actions for which keyboard shortcuts have already been defined are clearly marked in the Shortcut column. You may either assign additional shortcuts via the "Alternate", "Global", and "Global Alternate" columns in this table, or assign a new shortcut to an action for which no keyboard shortcut has as yet been defined. Select the action to be configured by clicking its name, as illustrated above.

When you left-click the None button, its name will change to "Input..."; you can then record the combination of keystrokes you wish to assign to the selected action. (Hover the cursor over the None button to view a handy hint about this procedure.) The program will note which keys you have pressed, and record the new keyboard shortcut, as illustrated below. If you choose a combination that conflicts with an existing shortcut assignment, you will see an error message, and you will be prompted to make a different selection. You may use the button to erase your selection.

A second screenshot of KAddressBook's “Configure Shortcuts” dialog.
KAddressBook's "Configure Shortcuts" dialog after a new keyboard shortcut has been entered, but before the new configuration has been saved.


Click the  ✔ OK  button to save your changes. Click on  ⦸ Cancel  to exit without saving your changes. Click Defaults to restore KAddressBook's default set of keyboard shortcuts. Choose  Manage Schemes >>  to integrate your custom assignments into a larger scheme of shortcut assignments; see the "Customizing KDE Software" chapter in the "Fundamentals" handbook for more details.

You may select the Print... button to produce a hard-copy version of the keyboard shortcut assignments. Here is a sample from the printed table.

A screenshot of KAddressBook's “Print” output.
An excerpt from KAddressBook's printed list of keyboard shortcuts.


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