KAddressBook's Interface with KOrganizer

KAddressBook's Interface with KOrganizer

KOrganizer, the KDE scheduling and calendar management program, allows you to send e-mail messages to people you want to invite to a meeting, and provides two interfaces with KAddressBook in this connection.


A screenshot of KOrganizer's attendees tab.
Adding a single attendee to a scheduled meeting in  KOrganizer.


The first interface is just like the auto completion feature provided by KMail: just start typing the name of the person you want to invite, and you will be presented with a list of probable matches, as illustrated above.


KOrganizer's attendees tab.
Adding multiple attendees to a scheduled meeting in  KOrganizer.


The second interface is just like the recipient selection dialog provided by KMail: when you left click the  Select Attendees ...  button, a searchable list of the contacts in all your address books will appear, as the preceding screenshot shows.