How to Add a New Contact

How to Add a New Contact

  1. Open KAddressBook's New Contact dialog by clicking the  + New Contact  button on the Toolbar. A dialog box will appear.


    A screenshot of KAddressBook's “New Contact” dialog.
    KAddressBook's New Contact dialog after clicking the  + New Contact  button on the Toolbar.


  2. As you can see from the preceding screenshot, the New Contact dialog allows one to enter several different data items. Additional data may be entered via the Location, Business, Personal, Notes, Custom Fields, and Crypto Settings sub-dialogs, as explained more fully in chapter 4, below. For now, let's concentrate on adding the Contact data items appearing in the preceding illustration.


  3. If you have created more than one address book, use the drop-down list labeled Add to: to select the data set to which the new contact will be added. Then enter the new contact's name in the input field marked Name, and key in his or her email address in the input field labeled Email. If you want to specify special formatting options for this contact's name data, click the  ...  button to the right of the Name input field and follow the prompts. If you wish to add more email addresses for this person, click the  +  button to the right of the Email input field and another Email input field will be generated. To delete an Email address, click the associated  −  button.


  4. You may also associate a nickname, one or more telephone numbers, multiple instant messaging services, and several web sites with each contact in an address book, as explained in chapter 4. You may also use the Show messages ... and Allow remote content ... options to fine-tune the way KMail handles email you receive from each contact. See chapter 3 for a more complete explanation.